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Environmentally‑responsible communication

As a pioneer in the sector, bilobay has been helping businesses, institutions, nonprofits and agencies achieve low-carbon communication since 2012.

Bilobay will calculate and help reduce communication CO₂ emissions to optimise your campaign.

Bilobay covers all forms of communication, from print media to press and billboard campaigns, from radio to TV and cinema media plans, while also including digital strategies such as websites, display campaigns and social media.

Bilobay’s service covers:

  • Design
  • Creation
  • Production
  • Distribution
  • Media plans
  • End of life cycle

Bilobay is the brainchild of Dagré, a communications consultancy founded 27 years ago. The agency has been awarded the French RSE Agence Active certification for corporate social responsibility by AFNOR, the French standards organisation, and by Alternative Carbone, experts in transition to low-carbon systems, who have worked with over 100 organisations since 2007

Bilobay works on the basis of the ISO 14064 standard and uses data from ADEME, the French state agency for ecological transition, the Shift Project and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol for calculating carbon footprints and providing its customers with a comprehensive, clear-cut report.

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How it works

Bilobay calculates your communication campaign CO₂ emissions through an extensive audit, which takes in campaign design, production, media distribution and life-cycles.

Upon completion of the audit, bilobay will give you a comprehensive report giving emission factors for each part of the campaign.

Bilobay also provides assistance on how to reduce the CO₂ emissions and will allow you to compare different communication strategies and find the lowest-carbon solution for campaigns of equal effectiveness.

Bilobay works on campaigns both in France and internationally.

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Example of media distribution for a multimedia campaign

  • Billboard campaign
  • Press campaign
  • Other print media
  • Video, TV, Cinema
  • Radio campaign
  • Digital

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Example of CO₂ emission breakdown for each part of a billboard campaign

  • Design and production
  • Printing
  • Carriage
  • Installation
  • End of life-cycle

Campaign carbon footprint:
249 metric tonnes CO₂-equivalent.
Or 1,555,752 km in a car.

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What’s the cost?

As each campaign is unique, every Bilobay report is made-to-measure.

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