Bring down the carbon footprint of your communication campaigns

Bilobay can offer a number of tips to help you reduce the carbon footprint of your communication campaigns.

Posters & outdoor media

  • Restrict the use of illuminated and LCD billboards
  • Reduce the number of hours of illumination

Paper media

  • Replace paper media by computer-based media
  • Use lighter-weight paper
  • Choose paper with the best environmental profile
  • Choose paper made with recycled fibres
  • Choose paper containing wood fibres from certified forests
  • Use environmentally-certified paper products
  • Choose a standard document format to reduce scrap
  • Make a careful assessment of how many copies you need
  • Encourage the collection and recycling of documents at the end of their life-cycle
  • Choose a printer with modern machines
  • Use vegetable-based inks

Radio, TV, cinema, film

  • Cut down on travel
  • Use the train rather than the plane or car


  • Use more modern energy savings equipment
  • Use page layouts which display comfortably on the screen, to prevent unnecessary printouts


Download the checklist in PDF format. You can then print it to help you keep track of what you do to reduce the carbon footprint of your communication campaigns.