Borneo project, Malaysia

Borneo contains vast areas of tropical forests that are home to a huge variety of species. Deforestation has increased considerably over the last few years, and has had a highly detrimental effect on local biodiversity.

The project that bilobay is supporting in Borneo sets out to repopulate the forest, through an enhanced forest management scheme.

Offsetting your communication campaign carbon emissions through this project means you are helping to:

  • reintroduce species of trees in danger of extinction;
  • ensure carbon remains within the trees rather than being released into the atmosphere;
  • restore the natural habitat of large numbers of mammals and birds;
  • set up ongoing forest conservation in co-operation with local populations.

Bilobay guarantee

One of the five reforestation projects compatible with carbon credits.
One of the projects chosen by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

International Carbon Reduction and Offset AllianceVerified Carbon Standard

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