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Who is bilobay for?
Bilobay is for any company, organisation, association or advertising agency seeking to communicate eco-responsibly.
How does bilobay help?
Bilobay offers an easy-to-use, accurate and highly affordable way of measuring the GHG emissions of most communication campaigns and offsetting the carbon footprint through environmental or social projects.
What kind of communication campaigns can bilobay calculate the GHG emissions of?
Bilobay can calculate the GHG emissions of most communication campaign activities over the whole of their life-cycle, including document printing, outdoor campaigns, on-line activities and TV campaigns. These are the main source of GHG emissions in the communications industry.
Why do I have to pay for bilobay?
Bilobay offers a professional service with high added value, which required substantial resources for its development. It was financed by private funding, by a passionate, highly committed team. If bilobay wants to continue its development and deliver cutting-edge solutions, it needs to raise revenues from its customers.
Why is the use of bilobay subscription restricted to a single email address?
The bilobay subscription is meant for use by a single facility of a company or organisation and cannot be used in all that company's facilities, branches or subsidiaries. By linking the subscription to a single email address, bilobay prevents abuse of its services, without submitting the end-user to unnecessary complications.
Is a bilobay subscription cost efficient?
A 12-month bilobay subscription with an unlimited number of calculations, works out at the same cost as the services of a specialist environmental expert for a single day. Even if it is only used for one calculation in a year, a bilobay subscription represents a lower outlay than a study by a specialist consultant.
How reliable is the bilobay calculator?
Bilobay covers the whole of the carbon footprint of a communication campaign, including the design phase, production, delivery and the end of the life cycle. Multiple emission factors are used and combined to produce a reliable result, including ADEME, EcoInvent-type databases, the Bilan Carbone® carbon footprint calculation method, calculations based on raw data, the results of studies, etc. The people who designed the bilobay calculator carried out considerable research to produce a tool powerful enough to achieve their objective of providing highly reliable results for GHG emissions to provide the basis for comparing communication actions and subsequently offsetting their carbon footprint.
What is bilobay's attitude to green washing?
Zero carbon communications is a clear commitment, which can be easily verified. Bilobay subscribers offer a transparent commitment to eco-responsibility, which sets them apart from companies that practice green washing.
Why does bilobay include carbon offsetting as part of its services?
One of bilobay's aims is to make zero carbon communication that much easier for its subscribers, by offering them the possibility of offsetting a communication campaign's carbon footprint once it has been calculated. Another reason is that carbon offsetting has often been criticised for the poor quality of the actions carried out in its name, which is why bilobay has teamed up with a reputed partner that offers our subscribers genuinely effective offsetting projects.
How are the offsetting operations chosen?
Eco-Act Project are chosen by bilobay specialists on the basis of environmental suitability and reliability. It should be stressed that there is no financial relation between bilobay and Eco-Act and all money received for offset actions is paid directly and transparently to Eco-Act.
What is the difference between a bilobay calculation and Bilan Carbone® carbon footprint?
Bilobay is an affordable, easy-to-use and rapid complement to more comprehensive methods of GHG emission analysis, such as Bilan Carbone®:
  • Bilan Carbone® performs a comprehensive analysis of company, organisation or project operations and puts forward recommendations for improving the carbon footprint.
  • Bilobay offers a way of calculating the GHG emissions of any communication activity to help reduce and offset them.

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