Calculate, reduce and offset the carbon footprint of your commmunication activities

Posters and outdoor campaigns, TV commercials, radio, print and Internet ads all necessarily involve GHG emissions. Bilobay offers a simple, accurate way of calculating these emissions and will then recommend offsetting operations, in line with each advertiser's individual aspirations. This will allow the advertiser and its agency to qualify for the "carbon-free campaign" label.


Bilobay calculates the GHG emissions for any multi-channel communication campaign or activity, factoring in the design, production, delivery and all the life-cycle stages of the campaign. The bilobay calculator was devised by experts who specialise in sustainable development and is based on a comprehensive data. It was given a rigorous testing using real life communication campaigns.


The bilobay calculator can be used to compare GHG emissions between different communication activities or media plans and identifies the option with the lowest CO2 emissions. The results can be used to determine the communications and media that provide the best eco-communication profile.

The calculator also provides tips for reducing the carbon footprint of the communication activities you finally opt for.


Once the communication activities have been decided and their GHG emissions calculated, bilobay will then offer an on-line carbon offsetting solution.

There is no financial relationship between Bilobay and Eco-act and any money received by bilobay for carbon offsetting is handed directly to Eco-act.,
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Spend less, offset more!

Conventional methods of calculating GHG emissions are not specifically tailored to communication activities and can have a high price tag. Bilobay's comprehensive database means it can offer a simple, versatile tool, coupled with sensible, easy-to-apply suggestions. Bilobay hopes that an affordable, easy-to-use calculator will increase offsetting operations and help finance projects for the needy.


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