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Without a fully reliable method for calculating greenhouse gas emissions, there can be no genuinely carbon-neutral communication. delivers a simple, educational and highly affordable way of resolving this issue.

How reliable is this method? Here is the answer, in 10 points.

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The company and its philosophy

  • is a privately-run French start-up company, based in Strasbourg and operating under French tax law. The company's aim is to provide cutting-edge services for an international clientele with an awareness of environmentally-responsible communication.
  • A subscription to means you are able to advertise that your communications are genuinely carbon neutral.'s methodology is soundly based and the results fully reliable.
  • You are welcome to ask any question about how the system works.
  • The project was initiated by communication professionals, who have expert knowledge of how agencies, companies and associations handle their communication. The system is fully in line with their operational needs and is highly affordable, despite its technical sophistication.

The calculator

  • The carbon emission eco-calculator is the core of the system and was developed in cooperation with Alternative Carbone, a consultancy specialising in carbon strategy and certified by ADEME, the French environment and energy management agency, for carrying out carbon footprints under the Bilan Carbone® label.
  • When calculating the carbon footprint, factors in all aspects of a communication campaign, from design through to production, delivery and the full life-cycle of the campaign.
  • The calculator can be used with virtually all media, including posters (outdoor), press adverts, printing of brochures and other documents, radio and TV campaigns, websites and online campaigns, etc.
  • The calculator factors in a wide range of parameters for each media channel and weights the results against country-specific data. For each of these countries, the emission factor is a national average which takes into account the regional energy specificities.
  • Several types of emission factors have been used and combined to deliver the most reliable results. These have been taken both from available databases and from field tests carried out under actual operating conditions:
    • ADEME: travel, transport of paper, packaging and freight, end of life cycle, electricity...
    • databases, such as EcoInvent ;
    • data from Bilan Carbone® carbon footprints carried out for a range of communication campaigns;
    • life-cycle analysis;
    • calculations based on raw data.
  • To ensure emissions are completely offset and to make up for any errors made bu the user, the final figure for campaign GHG emissions is automatically increased by 20%.


  • encourages concrete, useful and efficient actions, completely removed from misleading environmental claims. With, a communication action is either completely carbon neutral, or it is not.
  • is convinced that carbon offsetting offers a genuine solution, although it acknowledges that many of the offsetting systems on offer do not provide sufficient guarantees. This is why the company has decided to work in partnership with EcoAct, European leader in the sector, which has an excellent reputation and which has also taken a firm stand against green washing.
  • The offsetting projects organised by EcoAct focus on social and environmental aspects, especially those in favour of underprivileged populations. The projects offered on were drawn up by a Bilobay eco-consultant, and have been selected for their environmental impact and reliability.
  • Bilobay provides a carbon offset certificate that gives a precise indication of the number of tonnes offset and purchased, as well as the projects selected..
  • The offset system is fully transparent: on behalf of its customers, bilobay has ordered a certain number of carbon units from EcoAct. The price displayed on is the same as the amount invoiced by EcoAct. Bilobay makes no profit on the operation.
  • Bilobay also gives a "CO2 neutral campaign" label for all communication campaigns which have had their GHG calculated and fully offset.
  • subscribers are free to carry out their offsetting actions through other websites or organisations, but they will not be given a Bilobay offsetting certificate.