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Strasbourg gets the carbon out of communication


"With this solution, any company, organisation or association can control the environmental impact of its communication actions."

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Bilobay, for ecological communication campaigns


"At a time when responsible consumption is becoming a standard requirement, bilobay has come up with an innovative solution for achieving worldwide zero-carbon communication campaigns."

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A new solution for responsible communication


"A new tool is now available for communicators who want to calculate and optimise their communication campaigns"

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The Tribe Global network is committed to carbon-neutral communication!


"Bilobay.com, the first service for calculating, optimising and offsetting CO2 emissions in the communication sector."

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Helping everyone measure their communication campaign carbon footprint


"A worldwide innovation"

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The tool for calculating and offsetting communication-campaign carbon emissions

Chef d’entreprise.com

"A straightforward, web-based tool"

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Bilobay.com calculates the carbon footprint of communication campaigns

Chef d’entreprise magazine

"A web-based system where users can calculate the environmental impact of their communication actions."

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GHG calculator for a more responsible communication


« Only half an hour and the verdict is in. Easy to use, the online GHG calculator developped by Bilobay, allows to measure CO2 emissions from any campaign or communication action. »

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Bilobay, the start-up wich makes communication responsible !

Plus Belle Ma Terre (plusbellematerre.com)

« Portait of a company committed to responsible communication… Carbon-neutral communication actions are becoming a reality! »

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It’s now the right time to communicate eco-responsibly!


« The Bilobay start-up ended years of trials, in meeting the needs of advertisers and communications professionals, with the first online tool which allows to calcule and offset the GHG emissions. »

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