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Communauté Urbaine de Strasbourg

Urban Community of Strasbourg

As part of the event of the European Entrepreneur Week 2013, it was interesting for us to be aware about the carbon impact of our communication campaign. it is a good way for us to optimize our costs and minimize their impact on the environment.

With the Sustainable Development Forum 2013 being part of the program of the European Entrepreneur Week, the Bilobay approach was fully part of our "eco-friendly" strategy. Also, as the main subject area of 2013 showcased women entrepreneurs, the "Life Straw" compensation was an obvious choice for us, as it aims at improving the lives of women and young girl's in Kenya by helping them to access water.

A constructive strategy to maintain.



We have calculated and offset the GHG emissions of our 2012 annual report with Bilobay. After having gathered data, less than 30 minutes were necessary to carry out this operation.

The results produced by Bilobay, permitted to identify interesting ideas in order to reduce the carbon footprint of our future 2013 report ! This also is a good tool to raise awareness about the impact of our communication actions.

Concerning the offset of our CO2 emissions, we have chosen to participate in a Brazilian project, which aims to develop the use of biomass residues as a source of energy for better preservation of the forest.

— Denis Munch, sustainable development manager
Dagré Communication

Dagré Communication

As an agency which has long been committed to sustainable development, we felt it only natural to use bilobay both for customers' and our own communication actions.

Bilobay is a simple, functional, reliable and comprehensive solution which has become an integral part of our strategy.

Since we started our subscription, we have been offering the service to our customers, to increase their awareness of carbon neutral communication and to encourage them to adopt the system themselves. This is an initiative which has gained considerable plaudits.

— Jean Dagré, director


Founded in 2005, EcoAct has formed close partnerships with companies and local authorities for measuring, reducing and offsetting their carbon footprint.

We have always been attracted by robust, innovative solutions and so it made complete sense to join up with bilobay, the first calculator in the world dedicated to the communication sector.

Bilobay is a comprehensive, easy to understand and well-thought-out solution and we are proud to give our backing to a service which will prove indispensable in the communication sector and help it to become carbon neutral.

— Simon Girard, business development manager