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Bilobay is the first online tool as detailed for calculating the GHG emissions produced by your communications whether it be a fully integrated campaign or a simple brochure. Our tool allows you to calculate emissions over the whole life cycle, including printing, outdoor, on-line activity, TV campaigns, etc.

Bilobay is designed to allow any type of company, association, organization, advertising or communication agency to communicate eco-responsibly.

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Some of our references

Urban Coommunity of Strasbourg

Urban Community of Strasbourg

The Bilobay approach was fully part of our "eco-friendly" strategy.

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The results produced by Bilobay, permitted to identify interesting ideas in order to reduce the carbon footprint of our future 2013 report !

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EcoAct, our partner for carbon offsetting

Offset your communication actions' CO2 emissions with EcoAct and ICROA

Borneo project


In Malaysia, acting to repopulate the forest, through an enhanced forest management scheme.

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Menegalli project

Renewable energies

In Kenya, support the access to drinking water by participating in the installation of water filters.

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LifeStraw® project

Energy efficiency

Brazil, participate in the development of the use of biomass residues as an energy source.

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Organisations backing
our business development


With the support of the
Association Bilan Carbone

Association Bilan Carbone

The Association Bilan Carbone supports bilobay in its effort to improve practices in the communication sector.