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    Bilobay’s customers include major brands and organisations such as Cora, Volvic, MAIF, Région Grand-Est, the Regional Tourism Committee, Auchan and its real estate subsidiary, Ceetrus

    Bilobay's clientele

    “While advertising is all around us, there’s very little information available as to the carbon footprint of an ad campaign.

    Then we came across Bilobay and they were exactly what we were looking for!”

    SHINE start-up, Antoine MSIKA, Head of Ecological Transition

    “While ecological awareness is growing just about everywhere, I think it is especially up to us public authorities to set the example in reducing our carbon footprint, even more so than private companies.

    I chose Bilobay to help reduce the footprint of my last campaign for the regional elections and the results were exactly what I had hoped for.

    200 tonnes of CO² equivalent saved.”

    The Grand Est Regional Council, Jean Rottner, President

    “We asked Bilobay to work with us to find out the carbon footprint of the magazine we publish.

    The results were clear and to the point and we were especially appreciative of the help and advice given to us to reduce the emissions.

    The suggestions we received were practical and action oriented and gave us much food for thought about how our magazine should be published and distributed.”

    Le NORD, Jonathan MOALIC, Head of the Digital Laboratory, Communication Directorate

    “As part of our savourez l’équilibre (taste the balance) 2011 national communication for all the Cora group cafeterias, Jean Dagré offered to analyse the carbon balance of the whole of the on- and off-line communication campaign.

    The results were more than satisfactory and helped us cut our communication’s carbon footprint.”

    Jean Dagré has showed himself to be a genuine pioneer in this type of action.”

    CORA Strasbourg, François Oster, General Manager

    “We asked Bilobay to work out the carbon footprint for the 2021 Rome and New York versions of the meetings we hold every year for our network.

    As a worldwide network bringing together over 35 independent communication agencies and business partners, we set considerable store on measuring the carbon footprint of our international travel.

    We organise 3 meetings every year in various places around the world and so it’s the ideal opportunity to be able to offset our carbon emissions and this is something we are very enthusiastic about.

    Bilobay took very little time in giving a full analysis of the carbon footprint for our Rome and New York meetings.”

    Tribe Global, Elain Miller, Global Operations Manager

    “We appreciated Bilobay’s pragmatic approach, which analysed each activity and then set up carbon workshops for all our internal and external stakeholders.

    Using this method, we were able to fine-tune our roadmap, fill out our action plans and enhance our corporate carbon culture”

     MAIF, Valérie Weller, Internal Media Manager 

    “When we used Jean Dagré’s platform in 2010, we were immediately won over as it was an approach exactly in line with our determination to reduce the environmental impact of our communication and bring it into tune with our core messages. 

    The result was a big success and showed us where we could reduce carbon emissions for the next campaigns and identify best practices to be implemented on a permanent basis.”

    The Comité de Filière Tourisme Alsace, Marie Reine Fischer, Vice President