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    Bilobay had been acquired by DK on January 2024.

    Its calculator is the most comprehensive in the market and factors in design, production and distribution for all media, from TV, radio, and Ooh to the social media and digital.

    Simple to use and giving instant results, its calculations come hand-in-hand with expert advice on how to reduce the carbon footprint, before campaign rollout.

    “Two players joining forces, DK and Bilobay, to become the partner of brands, agencies, media owners and publishers for the carbon analysis of their advertising, with a solution now compatible for online and offline.


    Our Assets


    10 years’ expertise in campaign carbon footprints

    Its 10 years of experience in media campaign carbon footprints has allowed Bilobay to stay a step ahead in the scientific accuracy of its calculations and in the operational application of its recommendations to reduce the footprints.


    Carbon calculations applied to the communication sector

    The calculator was designed on the basis of the Carbon Balance method, using the ISO 14064 standard as the model and incorporating ADEME data and also GHG Protocol and Shift Project data as and when required.


    A technologically advanced, user-friendly platform based on SaaS

    The platform is built on advanced technology, giving access to a vast amount of incoming information and offering ease of use and immediate results.

    The people driving DK and Bilobay
    Adrien Galerneau
    Chairman & Founder
    Philippe Guillemot
    Sales Director
    Estelle Reale
    Marketing Director
    Sébastien Bracquemont
    Grégory Jamet
    Product Owner
    Quentin Le Viol
    Carbon Engineer
    Our Partners
    BPI France, Réseau Entreprendre, the Grand Est Region, Sodiv member of the communauté du Coq Vert


    The 17 sustainable development goals set out by the Member States of the United Nations in 2015 require the efforts of the whole of society. We are committed to this international call for action and, through our business, are working on 3 of the sustainable development goals :


    We consider it essential to reduce the carbon impact of communication campaigns.

    Our digital platform and our services are designed to help brands worldwide achieve low-carbon communication campaigns across all business sectors and media.


    We put forward concrete actions for brands to reduce the carbon impact of their communication.

    We help them set out an ongoing, sustainable action plan, which includes optimising and reducing travel, emphasising eco-design and communication and digital responsibility.


    We are working to help achieve the goals of UN agenda 2030, where the aim is to develop sustainable partnerships to produce projects for driving the sustainable development goals.

    We feel it a priority to help brand sustainable development through partnerships with stakeholders who are also committed to an eco-responsible approach.