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    A fresh start for Bilobay


    New logo, new website, new content – a fresh start! After 10 years of market experience, Bilobay has reinvented itself and is back with a striking new identity!

    With its new colours, Bilobay stands out with a strong fresh identity which it wears with pride. The use of red signals warmth and energy, it’s reassuring and embracing, a choice which stirs up passions, both positive and negative.

    Bilobay is back full of confidence and full of ambition, driven by the baseline “Taking action is not optional“. 

    Because balance is part and parcel of development, Bilobay has also added a touch of blue, echoing life and inspirations. Blue has a freshness and purity which brings a certain calm, reminiscent of the deeper things of life. A feeling in tune with the times.

    Bilobay offers an innovation-led solution, which provides the data (calculating and measuring) to take stock and then take action.

    A secure, well-defined identity underpinning a concrete project – a comprehensive solution for reducing the carbon footprint of local, national and international communication campaigns.