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    Bilobay becomes the first independent start-up decarbonising communication

    The company’s founder, Jean Dagré, has opted to hive off his communication agency to give his carbon footprint calculator the independence brands require for meeting the new need to impartially and genuinely reduce their carbon footprint. The new company’s certification process is unique in the market and sets a new standard for reliability.

    The last 10 years has seen Bilobay calculating and reducing the carbon imprint in the communication sector through a dedicated department within the Dagré advertising agency.
    With the market steadily being filled with newcomers to carbon calculation, Jean Dagré decided that to stand out, he would turn Bilobay into a fully independent start-up, committed to fighting against climate change and helping brands bring down their carbon emissions. This spring will see the first fundraising round to help the company achieve its growth targets.

    The sole independent, comprehensive and reliable solution in the market

    These significant changes have made Bilobay into the only independent, comprehensive and reliable solution for decarbonising the communication sector.
    This independence is of major importance as a carbon reduction consultancy cannot be both judge and judged.
    Bilobay offers a comprehensive service applicable to all communication media, both off and online, through all the phases of a campaign, from design through production to delivery.
    The calculator is fully reliable and is currently completing a certification process which guarantees the quality of both its calculation methods and emission-factor reference frames.

    “Working with Bilobay means never wasting your time. Our calculations are reliable and thorough and our recommendations for reducing the carbon footprint are immediately operational while our reference frames provide environmentally sound results” explains Jean Dagré, Bilobay founder and President.

    Brands appreciate Bilobay as it meets their specific requirements and needs.

    Bilobay provides an objective basis for brands to implement their communication decisions and help them in their carbon reduction strategies. Bilobay also allows advertisers to start off the process by beginning with one or more targeted campaigns or communication actions. Reducing the communication carbon footprint is a long-term objective which needs stringent methods and genuinely experienced partners.

    As one of the longest-standing companies able to answer these new needs for responsible communication, Bilobay is fast becoming a market benchmark. It has been selected by the Semia incubator in Strasbourg, the French BPI investment bank, the Réseau Entreprendre community of business leaders, the Grand Est Region in France and SODIV, the regional development fund for Alsatian SMEs. It also recently became a member of the Communauté du Coq Vert, a French professional community encouraging ecological transition (set up by BPI France, ADEME and the French Ministry of Ecological Transition).

    Bilobay has also worked with major brands such as MAIF, Cora, Volvic and Shine as well as the Grand Est Region and the Département du Nord.

    “We appreciated Bilobay’s pragmatic approach, which analysed each activity and then set up carbon workshops for all our internal and external stakeholders. Using this method, we were able to fine-tune our roadmap, fill out our action plans and enhance our corporate carbon culture
    Valérie Weller, Internal Media Manager at MAIF.

    “Bilobay assessed the carbon impact of the magazine we publish. The results were clear and to the point and we were especially appreciative of the help and recommendations given to us to reduce the emissions. The suggestions we received were practical and action oriented and gave us much food for thought on how a magazine should be published and distributed.”
    Pierre-François Decourcelle, Head of Communication for the Département du Nord.

    Reducing the carbon imprint has become a crucial issue for brands. The communication departments of both public and private sector companies are increasingly facing the challenges of ecological transition. In France, for example, the recent PACTE law setting out the action plan for business growth and transformation and the recent Climate and Resilience law which includes codes of good practice relating to reducing the carbon footprint of advertising, are examples of how legislation is becoming increasingly involved in corporate communication and social responsibility.

    Bilobay is not just a calculator.
    Bilobay’s calculator is a pioneering, expert and market leading system created in 2012, on the basis of the Carbon Balance method, using the ISO 14064 standard and incorporating ADEME data and also GHG protocol and Shift Project data. The platform is based on SaaS technology, giving access to a vast amount of incoming information and offering ease of use and immediate results.

    About Bilobay

    Bilobay is the trusted third party used by brands, local authorities and institutions for calculating and reducing their communication carbon footprint. As a pioneer in responsible communication, the start-up is fully independent of any advertising agencies and offers unrivalled accuracy in its calculations with a comprehensive, yet simple approach which takes in the whole of the communication sector and all its media. The company has already worked with major brands and institutions, such as Volvic, MAIF, Shine, Ceetrus, Cora, the Grand Est Region and the Département du Nord.

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